COVID-19 Please read

I continue to offer home circumcisions only.

Please look at my availability to request a time for me to come to your home to carry out the circumcision for your son. (I do not offer any clinic based circumcisions I’m afraid)

I offer circumcisions for boys under 6 weeks of age as long as they are less than 5kg (11lb) in weight, but I do not advise delaying unless there is a good reason.

Ideally this should be done in the first 4 weeks

The following considerations will apply for the time being for all circumcisions (religious or not):

  • Face masks
  • I request that facemasks are worn by all adults whilst I am in your home. This requirment will continue even after 19th July 2021
  • All those present need to have been in good health for the preceding 10 days and you should consider asking guests to take a lateral flow test before attending your home.
  • All discussions and consent process will take place before the day of the circumcision by phone
  • I will be wearing PPE (personal protective equipment) 
  • I am very happy for you to arrange a video link for the circumcision for any family member/friend who wishes to join

I will update this page regularly with any changes

A note for religious circumcisions/brit milah:

Whilst it is traditional for there to be a family gathering for a brit milah, this is not essential, and the pandemic has resulted in many of us having to make difficult decisions about specific rituals and lifecycle events.

Please think carefully about inviting lots of people to your home particularly if space and ventilation is limited.

Josh Plaut

Updated 12th July 2021