The ceremony

The restrictions currently in place due to COVID19 have meant that I have had to also make changes to how I conduct the brit milah ceremony.

My overriding responsibility is to provide a safe circumcision for your son and to minimise risk to you (and me!)

As such I will be in your home for the shortest amount of time that is practicable and I will encourage you to practise social distancing whilst I am in your home.

If you are looking for a brit milah (as opposed to a non-religious circumcision) then please talk to me about what you would like before the day. I am happy to lead the ceremonies according to the Reform or Liberal Liturgies. I also have suitable blessings for mixed faith families.

If you wish to ask your Rabbi to participate in the ceremony remotely, I am very happy for this, but I am also very happy to conduct the ceremony myself.

Please let me know your thoughts about this when we speak before the day.

My partner isn’t Jewish, will you still perform a¬†circumcision?

Yes. It is important that every family is able to mark this occasion in their own way and I will always do my best to help. I am happy to perform non-religious circumcisions and I will discuss all options for your own individual family circumstances whatever they may be.