Healing after the circumcision can be a worrying time, but with patience and support from me, you will be fine.

The only things you need to buy in advance are the things on the checklist, I will provide anything else required.

On the day I will give you written instructions as to how to care for your son’s circumcision and I will go through it with you. This information will include:

Immediate care and the first day

There are 2 important safety messages following circumcision
1. Your son needs to have passed urine within the first 6 hours. Often this happens before I leave, but if there is any concern, contact me.
2. Bleeding. If there is a problem from bleeding, it usually occurs very soon after the circumcision, and I am likely to still be present to deal with this problem. I will give you clear instructions about what to look for and when to contact me if there is any bleeding.

If you are concerned at any time, you must contact me.

The dressing
I will apply a dressing to the wound which is gently stuck to your son’s tummy with tape. The dressing will come away by itself in the first few hours – don’t worry. I will tell you what to do.
If the dressing hasn’t come off, then after 24hrs bathe your son in warm water and let the dressing soak off.
Smother the end of the penis in vaseline and continue to apply this with every nappy change for the next few days. I will explain and show you on the day. If you are concerned at any time, you must contact me.

The first week
Swelling and distortion is almost universal and usually looks worse between 24 and 36 hrs after the circumcision. Thereafter, you should notice improvement on a day by day basis.

Follow up
I will want to have contact 2 weeks after the circumcision to check on how you all are.
If you are concerned at any time, you must contact me.


If you want to see more diagrams of the appearances of the healing process, please click here. This helps explain some of the terms in the consent form on this page