When should I contact you?

Contact me soon after your son is born as my availability may be limited. If your son is jaundiced or of low birth weight, it is still a good idea to contact me so that we can start to make some plans together. The best way to contact me is to request a booking. we can always adjust later, but I am often very busy, so slots can go quickly!

How old can my son be?

No younger than 8 days and in general no older than 4 weeks, (older in the case of premature babies or health concerns – please discuss with me) but I wouldn’t recommend waiting unless there is a particular reason

Circumcision or Brit Milah?

Can the Brit take place on Shabbat or Yom Tov?

If this is the eighth day, Brit Milah is permissible on any day.

What pain relief or anaesthetic will be used?

I use a combination of topical and injected anaesthetic together with paracetamol and a sugar ‘pacifier’

What do I need to provide for the circumcision?

See the checklist

  • a well lit table surface
  • liquid paracetamol (eg Infant Calpol)
  • Good light (if natural light poor, please provide a good lamp)
  • Kiddush (sweet) wine – if you are planning a ceremony
  • Clean nappies x 3
  • vaseline – suggest a 250ml tub
  • waste paper basket (lined)

 Who should I invite?

Whoever you want! Some people have a very small intimate affair (just you and your son) others have an ‘open house’ with extended family and friends

What about jaundice?

Jaundice is a common medical condition and affects most newborn babies to some degree. There is a yellow tinge to the skin and occasionally this can require treatment such as a uv light in hospital. Most jaundice has settled by the eighth day and so isn’t a problem, but circumcision should usually be postponed if a baby is jaundiced. (Please contact me to discuss further)

Where can the circumcision take place?

Usually in your own home, but could be at a synagogue if appropriate.

How long will the circumcision take?

The circumcision procedure only takes a few minutes, but the Brit Milah ceremony lasts around 15 minutes. I will normally be with you for 2 hours in total as we will spend some time beforehand signing the consent form and going through any other questions you may have. I will also stay afterwards to check him before I leave.

Do I have to watch?

No. If you are having a Brit Milah, the blessings will start before the circumcision itself and I will give you clear indication when to leave if you choose not to stay, but let me stress that everyone is welcome to stay.

Who can participate in the Brit?

Whoever you want!

What aftercare is there?

I will give you written instructions on how to care for your son and I will arrange follow up contact as well. I will be available on the phone for any concerns.

Can you help me choose a Hebrew name for my son?

I would be happy to give you advice about this.

Will you perform circumcisions without a religious ceremony?

Yes. This is a service I provide.

Is there a charge for the circumcision?

Yes. My fees cover the procedure, my insurance, the equipment and all necessary follow up. The overall fee varies according to the distance I need to travel.

What is your availability?

My availability varies on a daily basis as you might expect. I can get booked up well in advance at certain times. You can check here to get an idea of my availability and submit a request for a date, but you will need to speak with me to confirm.