The circumcision

I offer circumcision for boys aged 8 days – 8 weeks old although this is best done before 4-6 weeks if possible. Please read more about the circumcision here. 

Circumcision is a surgical procedure. It has been practised by Jews and other cultures for centuries and is widely practised in certain countries amongst all cultures.

It is quite a quick procedure (only a few minutes). You may have a number of questions about the procedure itself, and I will happily answer those either beforehand or on the day if you wish. Some parents don’t want to know the ‘medical detail’ of the procedure – that is up to you.

GMC legislation recommends written consent from both parents. A copy of my consent form can be downloaded at the bottom of the page for you to look at, but I will bring a copy for you to sign. In order to assist you in making an informed choice, I have summarised the available information of potential complications and indicated their likelihood. The figures are taken from a recent audit of over 700 neonatal circumcisions that I have performed.

Circumcision is a safe procedure with few complications when carried out properly.
Neonatal (cultural) circumcision is a cosmetic procedure to remove the foreskin.

1. Bleeding
Some bleeding always occurs after circumcision and I give you clear verbal and written instructions as to when the bleeding may be thought to be excessive. Bleeding of a degree sufficient to need the baby to be seen again in the first 24 hours is thought to occur in approx 2 -3 % of circumcisions that are not stitched at the time of the operation. In my audit of over 700 circumcisions there were no cases of significant post operative bleeding.

2. Infection
Wounds that are not stitched behave differently to ‘surgical’ wounds that have been stitched. The wound often becomes sticky and a little ‘wet’ looking. This is similar to the appearance if you have had a bad graze on a knee or elbow. Inexperienced observers (including some doctors) may incorrectly think this is infection, however it actually represents normal wound healing. True infection requiring treatment is rare. In my audit (over 700 circumcisions) I did not have a single case of infection. I will tell you what to watch for.

3. Cosmetic outcome
Circumcision is a cosmetic procedure. Occasionally the final appearance of the penis may give rise to concern. In my audit 1% of circumcisions were offered a revision procedure to improve the cosmetic outcome.

I hope that this information is useful in making an informed choice regarding your son’s circumcision, I would be happy to answer any further points when we meet.

You can look at the consent form here

Details of the procedure:

If you would like more information on the medical aspects and details of the procedure, please click here