Circumcision Procedure

This page contains a description of the actual technique that I use for the circumcision.


Before the circumcision, I will place your son in a special baby tray with soft straps for his legs to keep him secure.

I will then administer the local anaesthetic injections just next to his penis which causes his entire penis to become numb. You will be able to hold your son and give him a cuddle.

After 5-10 minutes we can start the circumcision.

I will place him back in the baby tray and then carry out the circumcision using a mogen clamp which is a technique where the foreskin is pulled forwards and the mogen clamp (a plate of metal with a small slit like gap in it) holds the foreskin to be removed in place. The clamp is closed so it doesn’t move and so that the blood vessels are closed and this reduces any blood loss.

At this stage the foreskin is on one side of the metal plate and everything else is on the other side of the metal plate. Using a scalpel blade, the foreskin is removed. The clamp is opened and removed. The head of the penis is then ‘delivered’ from within the closed skin and can be bandaged.